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Have you ever decided to do something on your own, and when it didn't go quite as planned you thought... "I should have just hired a professional?"

Well then!...

Take one less load off of yourself and hire Ebonie Jones Artistry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Hall

Q: Why should I hire Ebonie Jones Artistry?

  • Simply put, a professional - in any craft - has done a particular service way more than the average person, so if a problem arises we know how to troubleshoot. Most of us possess natural talents, others have spent much $$$ and many hours in training, and like Ebonie - few of us have done both. One of the biggest burdens for a Bride or, ones-self is worrying about making mistakes and running out of time.  So hire a professional - any professional from the start.

Q: What brands of Makeup do you use?

  • Ask any Artist, our kits are forever changing.  I carry a lot of different brands, some well-known, a lot of professional (behind the scenes) brands.  More importantly I carry HD and waterproof options, in all mediums. Some of the brands that I love and use the most are; Nars, MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Dior, Laura Mercier, Makeup Forever, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clarins, Laneige, and pro brands like Face Atelier, Inglot USA, Ben Nye, Graftobian, RCMA and TEMPTU to name a few.


Q: How do I secure your services? 

  • Wedding: All services are booked when you sign a contract and submit a Retainer. Once you sign your contract and submit your 50% Retainer. That's it you're booked!  

  • Non-Wedding. If you're ready to book CLICK HERE. Once you submit an inquiry you'll receive a Proposal (Invoice, Agreement and Payment Options). Services are considered booked once you submit a Retainer of 20% along with a Signed Agreement.


Q: Can I add or subtract services after I've signed the contract?

  • Yes, you can add or subtract services. If you add services, the rates for those services will apply. However, the price in the contract, will not change if you choose to subtract services. Any revision to the contract will require both parties signatures.

Q: How far in advance can I book?

  • Wedding appointments, the books are currently open for 2025, so in others words BOOK NOW!

  • Non-wedding services, a couple of weeks or a month in advance. Last minute appointments are welcomed.

Q: How long does each Makeup and / or Hair Service take?  

  • Wedding Brides 1 hour. Wedding Party 30-45 minutes.  Grooms 30-45 minutes

  • Non-Wedding Appointments take 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Q: Are lashes included? What if I don't want lashes?

  • Strip false eye lashes come complimentary with every makeup service. If one chooses not to receive them, pricing will not adjust. I also carry Individual Lashes, Faux Mink, Dramatic Lashes and Falscara (Lashify). May inquire an additional fee.

Q: Do you use the same brushes on everyone?

  • Everyone gets a clean brush set! All used (dirty) brushes gets taken home for a triple cleanse.  1st. I use a 99% Anti-bacterial Pre-Cleanse Solution.  2nd. I deep clean them with Dawn dish soap and water,  3rd. I wipe the handles down with a Clorox wipe.

Q: Can I bring my own makeup, tools or lashes for you to use?

  • Yes!  Although, I do prefer to use the brands that I've worked with before.  I will use on you, whatever you like! Just as long as your makeup is clean, not expired, and your lashes are brand-new. You will not receive a discount if you choose to have me use your makeup vs artists' kit. It is recommended that all clients have their own touch-up lip and or powder product.

Q: When should I schedule my Wedding Preview Trial?

  • 1 to 3 months before the wedding. Trials are scheduled during the week (as weekends are busy).

Q: Do I need to have a Wedding Preview/Trial?

  • Yes! It is a great time for you and I to get to know each other and really iron out the look of your dreams.

Q: I have a large wedding party (that needs makeup and/or hair).  Do you have team?

  • I have a close relationship with other seasoned artist who will accompany me for larger parties. These are Artist or Stylist who I've vetted, worked with previously and personally selected.  You just tell me how many need services and I will hire the additional Artist and/ or Stylist. (Assistants or additional artist can also be requested by the client for larger parties with time restraints, at $125 per Artist).



Q: When do I pay the balance for my services and how?

  • Wedding payments are due one week prior to the Wedding/Elopement Day

  • Non-Weddings payments are due anytime before the services are rendered.  

Q: Does the Wedding Preview / Trial fee, go towards balance of the Wedding Day Services?

  • No. Previews/Trials are considered a separate service.

Q: What forms of payments are accepted?

  • We accept many types of payments. Cash, Debit, Credit, and Venmo. Checks and money orders  are only accepted for weddings and these forms of payment are requested two weeks prior to ones wedding/elopement date.

Q: My questions or concerns were not addressed here, how should I contact you?

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