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About Artist

"Since 2010 Ebonie Jones Artistry has been one of the best in the Beauty Industry"

I am a Cosmetology-trained, Makeup/Hair Artist with 10+ years experience. I strive to provide all of my clients with an unparalleled beauty experience.


I decided to become a beauty professional at the early age of 8. Back then, I would do my friends hair and makeup, dress them up and host performances where we'd sing, dance or take photos just for fun. I turned that passion for fun into a profession. Even though artistry comes naturally to me, I've trained to be considered one of the best in the industry.


absolutely love what I do. My goal is to provide you with a comfortable experience, that ensures that you get exactly what want and more.  My hope is that you leave me feeling confident, and like the best version of yourself, when you walk down the aisle (or step in that room). 


Fast Facts

  • I love to sing.

  • My favorite color is blue.

  • I'm a Washington DC native.

  • I've been married going on 8 years to my husband Calvin we've been together for 15 years.

  • I have 3 children, plus 3 bonus children.

  • I wear all black a lot #MakeupArtistsLife 

  • I love Dogs - my fur baby was named Teddie.

  • I've worked for MAC, Clarins and ULTA.

  • I was employed by OWN and DELL! Each for a day.

  • I'm an empath.

  • I get "Performance Excitement" before meeting every client.

  • I can do nails too! (Sorry to tease you. But, I don't offer this service professionally).I'm also into photography.

I'll leave the rest for us to chit-chat about during the appointment. Until then... xoxo Ebonie

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